AirFiber 11FX

Licensed Backhaul Radio

AF-11FX, a radio purpose-built for outdoor PtP bridging and carrier-class network backhauls using the licensed 11 GHz radio band.

Model: AF‑11FX

Advanced Engineering
Ubiquiti’s INVICTUS 2 custom silicon and proprietary radio architecture are designed specifically for long-distance, outdoor wireless applications, providing superior performance, long-range capability, and higher delivered throughput.
  • 1.2+ Gbps Throughput
  • 300+ km Range
  • PLUG-AND-PLAY Flexible Installation
  • LICENSED freQuency
  • FULL-DUPLEX Low-band/Hi-band

Power Source Options

Support for PoE or DC power gives you the flexibility to power the AF-11FX separately from Ethernet traffic.

Reversible Duplexers
Each AF-11FX requires one or two Duplexers (sold separately; models AF-11FX-DUP-H and AF-11FX-DUP-L)

Channel Configuration

The airFiber AF-11FX can use single (SISO) or bonded (MIMO) channels, depending on your specific licensing requirements. The AF-11FX also features different channel widths to suit your deployment needs, and you can independently configure TX and RX channel frequencies

Download Datasheet: