SunMAX Solarswitch

Ubiquiti introduces two managed solar charge controller options, the SolarPoint and SolarSwitch.

  • Remotely
  • Built-In 4-Port
    24V PoE Switch
  • Weather Prediction
  • Maximum Power Point
    Tracking (MPPT) 24V, 7A
  • DC Output up
    to 40W

Versatile, Modular Design
The SolarSwitch or SolarPoint are easy to set up for almost any device combination.

  • SunMAX SolarSwitch
  • SunMAX SolarPoint

SolarPoint Deployment Example

Solar Panel
Directly Plugs Into the SolarPoint with 10-60V (reverse protection and Surge Protection) 10A
Network Radio and Antenna
Cloose the most Appropriate Device for Your Deployment to receive a Network Signal
Collects electricity From solar Panel
Preferred Devices
Connect Your Preferred Devices For your deployment needs

Outdoor or Indoor Usage
Choose the best option for your deployment needs.

SolarPoint Pole
The ruggedized SolarPoint case withstands outdoor conditions, including wind, rain, and snow. The included rubber plugs protect cable openings.
SolarSwitch Rack
The SolarSwitch can be installed on either side of a rack cabinet using the included rackmount bracket.

Remote Monitoring and Configuration
Designed for convenient management, the SolarPoint and SolarSwitch Configuration Interface allows administrators to configure devices and monitor charging in a simple, graphical user interface.

Download Datasheet :