Network-Managed LED Panel and Dimmer Switch

Ubiquiti introduces the ultimate in lighting efficiency and convenience.

Lower Costs
High-efficiency UniFi LED panels save energy cost and lower building maintenance expenses
Flexible Deployment
PoE-powered AT model and innovative daisy-chained AC model for new buildings and retrofits
Certified Safety and Performance
UniFi LED panels are NRTL listed. The AC powered models are also DLC certified and are eligible for government/utility rebates
Smart Lighting Controls
Web and mobile app managed smart lighting integrates with UniFi Enterprise product family.

Connect LED Panel to PoE+
802.3at Power over Ethernet is safer than AC power and uses just a single cable
Connect Dimmer Switch to PoE
Connect the UniFi Dimmer Switch to an 802.3af PoE switch.
Manage Your Lighting System
Use the UniFi LED Controller or the UniFi LED app (iOS or Android).
Flexible Configurations
Ubiquiti’s Ease of Use Applied to Energy-Efficient Lighting

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